Modern and Simple

We installed this tile in a Dartmouth rental property. The owners were looking for an inexpensive but modern backdrop for a wall mounted fireplace. They went with this grey stacked tile that was a quick and easy install. It came on 12×12 sheets, and didn’t require grout, which was a budget option that still gave them the look they wanted.

tile framed fireplace and tile

Lake Banook View

Morning Dove Gray complements the amazing views of Lake Bannook from this Dartmouth Condominium. Even on a foggy winter day, it was bright inside. You can see how the gray changes slightly with different amounts of light.



Cape Breton Strawberry Squares

A great part of a summer in Cape Breton is travelling around the island taking in all of the festivals and markets. These strawberry squares were given to my daughter by a lady at the Marion Bridge market. She couldn’t decide between chocolate and strawberry so the kind lady working there insisted she take both. Benjamin Moore colours: Colonial Brick, Deep Carnation, Springy Peach, Mixed Fruit and Sweet Taffy.

squares framed

Hauling in the Catch

We took this photo on a lobster boat off the coast of Main-a-Dieu. We have a family tradition of sending husbands-to-be out on the sea for a morning of lobster fishing on the high seas. My brother-in-law (he made it home alive), snapped this during his adventure. Benjamin Moore colours: Ash Blue, Galapagos Blue, Venetian Gold and Coppertone.

lobster trap

Colours of Nova Scotia – Wild Blueberries

We have a favourite spot for picking blueberries in Cape Breton. It’s a community pasture in Mira, and we loaded up on them before we headed to the mainland for the winter.

Colours: Benjamin Moore’s Hibiscus, Cherry Wine, Silver Streak, and Lilac Haze

wild blueberries