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    Paint Next installed stacked stone, tile and this electric fireplace in Crichton Park, Dartmouth.


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Paint Next are Halifax painters who offers quality painting and unmatched customer service. We strive to go beyond our client’s expectations. If you are a Halifax homeowner interested in improving your home or office give us a call to discuss your project. We’re one of the best Halifax painting companies around and will work hard to exceed your expectations. Don’t settle for cheap, unskilled painters who will drip paint on your furniture and leave your walls looking terrible.

Remember, you’ll be looking at your walls, doors and ceilings for years to come. If you hire Paint Next, you’ll be looking at colours you love (if you hire our designer for as little as $100), and the quality of finish will be top notch. Click here for examples of our work.

Paint Next can also take care of small scale renovations like sprucing up a bathroom or kitchen. We’re great at installing tile backsplashes, baseboards and fixing those little things that you’ve been waiting to have fixed. Paint Next also has great relationships with other contractors and can bring in skilled electricians, plumbers and cabinet makers to complete those larger projects you’ve been dreaming about.

Contact Paint Next at 902-877-5875.  Click here for some tips on getting an affordable paint job.


Halifax Painters Bedroom


Halifax NYC Ceiling

If you’re contemplating a major renovation or just looking to spruce up a room or two, please give paint next a call. If you’re planning on a reno and your general contractor has already priced the painting into the job, ask them how much will come off the price if you hire the painter.

General contractors hire other companies to paint and mark up the price by as much as 50-100%. hiring paint next could save you money, time and guarantee that you get a great paint job.