Questions for a Halifax Interior designer? Need a colour Consultation?

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What does a Color Consultant Do?

Finding a good Halifax Interior Designer can be tough. Don’t know where to begin? Can’t decide which shade of gray is the one for you? Our colour consultant can help you with everything from designing a colour scheme for your entire home, to picking the perfect color for your baby’s nursery.

Halifax Colour Consulting

Step One

The Paint Next consultant will begin with a phone interview, or via email if you prefer. She will ask some questions about your style, taste, and preferences and any colors you may already be thinking about using.

Halifax Benjamin Moore

Step Two

The Paint Next consultant will visit you at home. They will ask more questions and take some photos in order to complete their color plan and get a sense of the placement of your home in relation to sunlight throughout the day, as well as colours in adjoining rooms.

Halifax Dulux Paint

Step Three

Time to get some paint on the walls! We will narrow your choices down to two to three colours, and paint 2x2ft swatches on the wall. Then you’ll have some time to think it over. Then you’re ready to Paint Next!

If you’ve never worked with a Halifax colour consultant before you’re in for a treat. Instead of stressing over what matches, what type of paint to use and what samples to buy, you’ll have a professional helping you along. Our colour consultant takes the time to get an understanding of what style you’re after. Once you’re happy with your selections we’ll start the painting work!