Finding Chester NS painters can be difficult. There aren’t a lot of professional painters in Chester, Nova Scotia and the good ones are often booked. Paint Next is based in Halifax but we will travel to the Chester area for the right job. In addition to painting, we have an interior designer who can help with all aspects of design and colour selection.

Paint Next, will travel to Chester NS or the areas surrounding Chester for certain interior residential painting projects. Due to travel times we won’t be able to take on very small painting jobs in Chester but if you’re looking for high end painting work in a few rooms in your home please contact Paint Next today.

Know that Paint Next was founded by Andrew Roof, who ran a successful NYC based interior painting business for 8 years prior to moving to Halifax with his family. Andrew has painted in some of the most exclusive properties in Manhattan and understands what “high end” work is. If you live away and need a few rooms painted before you arrive for the summer, Paint Next will surpass your expectations.

Paint Next offers Chester NS painting, Chester wall repair, Chester water stain repair, Chester NS Interior Design and more. We can also take care of painting work in Mahone Bay or areas within an hour of Halifax, depending on the job size.


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