Affordable Halifax bathroom renovations

Planning and pricing affordable Halifax bathroom renovations can be a daunting task. Estimates from various Halifax bathroom renovation companies will vary wildly based on their experience, overhead and how busy they are. There are decisions that can be made that will allow for affordable Halifax bathroom renovations. Paint Next is happy to provide some tips on obtaining an affordable Halifax bathroom renovation.

The most important way to save money is to not move any walls around during your Halifax bathroom renovation. Moving walls means moving plumbing, electric and sometimes heating/cooling ducts. Moving these items equals increased cost and a less than affordable Halifax bathroom renovation.

The next decision to make is whether you’re replacing all of your fixtures. A new tub, shower, toilet and vanity will all add up quickly. If your tub is a vintage style that you love, maybe it could stay. Obviously if it’s in terrible shape you’re probably best served by replacing it.

How much tile to install is also an important decision to make when planning a Halifax bathroom renovation. You want to make sure that there is tile in any area that will be exposed to water, but if you can design the bathroom in a way that doesn’t have tile on all the walls, the cost will be reduced.

Paint Next is happy to meet with you and discuss your Halifax bathroom reno. Our designer can help with colors, fixture selection and bathroom layout. We’re highly skilled in the finish trades and will leave you with a bathroom that looks fantastic, at a price you’ll be happy with. Paint Next doesn’t sub out all of our finish work like most Halifax bathroom renovation contractors. We do our own painting, tile work and most of our finish carpentry. We bring in other pros when it comes to electric and plumbing work, but we take care of all the finish work, and that is what you’ll be looking at for years to come.

Halifax Bathroom Renovations